Re-engage App Users
With Facebook Remarketing
Target Segmented Users with Personalized Campaigns on Facebook

Easiest Way To Re-Engage Your Users


Configuring your Facebook Ad account with our Remarketing Tool is totally painless and can be done within minutes


Choose the user segments you wish to target with personalized ads on Facebook


With a single click, send this segmentation in your Facebook Ad account


Create eye-catchy graphics to catch your users’ attention with Facebook ads to bring them back on your app


  • Smarter Acquisition

    Use the segment of most popular users and run Facebook ads for similar people on Facebook to acquire more

  • superior engagement

    Run personalized ads to target people based on their previous activities and drive more results

  • improved retention

    Engage and reengage with Facebook ads that resonate with users who keep losing interest in the app to bring them back

  • higher conversions

    Improve your sales funnel by influencing users to move to the next step in the funnel with Remarketing Ads

  • better ROI

    Get the max out of the investment by retaining old users and acquiring news ones through Facebook Retargeting

  • greater effectiveness

    Run multiple ads and compare them to check which segment or ad worked best to get a holistic view of the activities happening in the app

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