Forecast Your Users’ Next Activity Leverage Predictive Analytics to Get a Sneak Peek Into the
Future & Predict Churning & Converting Users

Three Steps to Take Control of the Future

  • Predict

    Become proactive by predicting which of your users will eventually churn or convert

  • Analyse

    Bucket the users into High, Medium or Low Likelihood of churn/conversion

  • Target

    Create marketing campaigns accordingly to influence your users’ next moves


  • Classification

    Classify the users based on customer churn analysis and conversion analysis based on your own definition

  • Increase Retention

    Keep track of the users that are about to churn and take preventive actions to retain them

  • Increase Conversion

    Identify the segment of users that are mostly like to convert and deploy campaigns to boost conversions

  • Related Activities

    Monitor the impact of specific events and attributes and find out how the behavior of users who convert/churn is different from those that don’t

  • Related User Insights

    Learn how the users’ characteristics impact their propensity of churning and converting. Categorize the users accordingly to optimize your engagement strategy

  • Win Customer Loyalty

    Knowing your users’ next moves helps you to sneak into their mind and engage them with personalized campaigns to increase customer loyalty

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