Visualize Complete Customer Life Cycle With User Flow

Start Event

The journey of thousands of events starts with one. Choose the event you would like to track the user flow from

Visual Flow

Visualize all possible actions taken by all your users at every node along with actual number of users


Figure which high risk & most popular events are and number of unique & churning users


For 360 degree targeting launch campaigns across all channels right from this submenu


Map Customer Journey

Track all the possible paths taken by users to reach from start to conversion event

Reduce Drop Offs

Analyze all events where churn occurs the most to launch targeted campaigns to influence users toward conversion

Improve Retention

Target users instantly at any high risk event right from the submenu to ensure there are less chances of churn

Omni-Channel Targeting

Target users across all channels including Push Notifications, SMS, Email, Facebook Wall Post for 360 degree marketing

Increase Conversion

Boost conversions by consistently influencing users by launching contextually personalized campaigns at every high risk node

Improve UX

Improvise on the screens post which users lose interest to create a seamless experience for them to complete the journey

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