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Deep Insights

Deep Insights

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Real time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Funnels & Cohort

Funnels & Cohort

Implement In-App Referrals
  • Quickly Integrate In-App Referral Campaigns
  • Growth Hack User Acquisition with Viral Marketing
  • Get Detailed Insights & Track Influencers
  • Available Across Multiple Platforms
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Engage & Retain
Launch Personalized Campaigns
Engage & Retain
  • Engage with Users through Push/In-App/Survey/Email/Coupon Campaigns
  • Improve Retention & Customer Loyalty With App Remarketing
  • Use Smart Targeting with Geo-fencing and Run A/B Tests in Push Campaigns
  • Compare Campaigns for Effectiveness and Deep Analytics
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Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predict the Next Move of Users Based on Historical Data
  • Know the Likelihood of Churn and Conversions
  • Launch Campaigns to Influence the Users’ Future Moves
  • Improve ROI with the Help of Prediction Analysis
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Getting Started

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Push Campaign Automation

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App Uninstall Tracking

In mobility world, once apps/games are released in the market, mobile app analytics become extremely important…

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